Space Science

The Space Science Department responsible for championing research that will increase the understanding of planets that exist outside the Earth’s solar system through coordinating scientific research and educational programmes to improve science education.


The study of physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies, and the application of the laws and theories of physics to the interpretation of astronomical observations. It is all about planets, galaxies, nebulae, black holes, and all of the other objects drifting in the cosmos.


The study of plasmas as they occur naturally in the Earth's upper atmosphere (aeronomy) and within the Solar System. It covers areas such heliophysics, magnetospheres, ionospheres, auroras, cosmics rays and synchroton radiation

The Ground Segment Network (GSN)

Zimbabwe joined the BIRDS ground network which consists of a collection of ground-based communication facilities, including ground stations, satellite control centres, and supporting infrastructure. This supports the downloading of data from the satellite when it passes BIRDS network countries and the data is shared for analysis.
Space Physics is the key element in understanding of Space Weather. It contributes a lot in the understanding of the universe and the processes that are experienced in our everyday life such as the operation of communication and weather satellites


Planetary science is the scientific study of planets, celestial bodies and planetary systems and the processes of their formation. It studies objects ranging in size from micrometeoroids to gas giants, aiming to determine their composition, dynamics, formation, interrelations and history. Planetary scientists work to improve our understanding of the planets, satellites and smaller bodies in the solar system through:

  • Studying the atmospheres, surfaces and interiors of planets
  • Understanding the origins of planets and the physical processes at work,
  • Using radar to determine the physical characteristics of asteroids and to search for asteroids that may pose a hazard to Earth