About Space Operations and Launch Services

The Space Operations and Launch Services Department is responsible for managing and executing space missions, including the launch, operation, and maintenance of ground systems. In addition, the department also develops and tests new space technologies, as well as provides support and services to other organizations involved in space activities. Our team is comprised of a diverse and experienced group of engineers, scientists, and technicians who are passionate about space technology, and dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Mission Operations

Once a spacecraft is in orbit, the department is responsible for managing its operations, including monitoring its health and status, conducting manoeuvres, and ensuring that it is meeting its mission objectives.

Ground System Development

The department develops the ground systems and infrastructure necessary to support space missions, including the design and construction of ground stations, communications networks, and data processing systems

The Ground Segment Network (GSN)

Zimbabwe joined the BIRDS ground network which consists of a collection of ground-based communication facilities, including ground stations, satellite control centres, and supporting infrastructure. This supports the downloading of data from the satellite when it passes BIRDS network countries and the data is shared for analysis

Technology Development

Our department conducts research and development of new technologies and systems that can be used to support future space missions.

Satellite Tracking Services

The department monitor and track satellites using ground-based tracking stations equipped with specialized antennas and software so as to ensure effective and efficient communication with the satellite. This service has various applications, including scientific research and communication.

Antenna Engineering

Our team plays a critical role in space operations and launch services. Our main mandate is to design, develop, and operate antennas that are capable of transmitting and receiving data from spacecraft and satellites.