About Geospatial & Earth Observation

Geospatial & Earth Observation Department is responsible for conducting specialized research and development on projects and activities on geospatial applications and earth observation including mining and mineral exploration, disaster management, weather and climate, geospatial intelligence, agriculture and ecosystems, water, energy, health and any other nationally strategic applications. The Geospatial and Earth Observation department is also responsible for developing and implementing geospatial technologies for nationally strategic sector; e.g precision farming for the agriculture sector.

Geospatial Science

Geospatial Science is a discipline that focuses on the use of information technology to understand natural, man-made and processes of the earth.Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Global Positioning Systems technologies are commonly used as measurement, observation and analysis tool

  • Lidar Surveys
  • Aerial crop spraying
  • Crop monitoring and assessment using multispectral sensors
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Cadastral surveys WildLife Tracking
  • Magnetometry surveys
  • Geospatial modelling, data analysis, management & integration
  • Cutting edge GIS Research, Consultancy & Training